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TrippingCube is a single window that is helping transform how a Corporate manage their travel of employees. Backed up with the best technology, we intend to make travel easier & painless for people travelling for work or leisure purposes. Our travel services include providing customised holiday packages and corporate travel management that cover all major names in the travel industry in order to give our customers a variety of options to choose from based on their preferences and budget for frequent individual travelers and business travelers respectively. 


Our Team consists of a small but dedicated group of young and enterprising individuals who are committed to the dream of playing a vital role in the current global travel revolution.

TrippingCube's endeavour is to provide ease in booking the travels of our customers and making travel more affordable so that we can inspire as many for something as simple as visiting a loved to something as big as undertaking a life changing journey.


Our Corporate travel management program (CTM) aims to provide seamless booking of travel services, which covers Flights, Hotels, Cabs, Buses, Trains, Visa assistance, Cruises & Travel insurance for regular Business travel and other hospitality related services like Team outings, Conferences & Events.


Research shows professionals recognize business travel as a motivating factor when it comes to talent acquisition and employee retention. An opportunity to travel for business purposes results in boosted morale of employees, that’s how important business travel has become in the last few years and is expected to only increase in the coming years. The best part is we totally understand the importance of a seamless travel experience when going for meetings or conferences.

Our streamlined process helps save more than 70% of your time when planning and booking travel. 90% of professionals believe that business travel is crucial to company growth.


Along with the CTM, we have a module of Blesiure, which simply means combining/extending your business travel with some leisure time of your own at traveller’s own cost if allowed within a company policy. Our travel experts are adaptive in nature and strives hard to provide better experiences based on your past preferences and feedback.


Our mission is to be your all time travel assistant, wherever you go, you can count upon us.


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